Private tour of Knossos with a licensed, professional and experienced guide.
Approximate tour duration: 90-120 mins.
Suitable for large groups.

 Bull frescoe

The archaeological site of Knossos, the second most visited in Greece after the Acropolis in Athens, is situated 6 kms south-east of Heraklion, in an idyllic location surrounded by cypress and pine trees.

West entrance

Located on top of a small hill, Knossos was once the administrative, religious and trade centre of a mysterious civilization of the Bronze Age, known today as the Minoan civilization of Crete.

Frescoes room

The palace complex of Knossos, one of the very first in history, flourished in the years between 2000 and 1300 B.C. It comprised multi-storey buildings, lavish reception halls, courtyards, store-rooms and temples.

Throne room

The walls of its chambers were adorned in colourful frescoes and it also boasted sophisticated water supply and drainage systems.

South entrance

The site was thoroughly excavated by British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans in the beginning of the 20th century. Evans christened the rediscovered civilization of Bronze Age Crete “Minoan” after legendary King Minos of Knossos.

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